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November 2015


Front Row Luxury’s Movember Shave Down

Front Row Hospitality

Front Row Hospitality

The Portland partnership with Hardy Amies, to help kick start Movember was a huge success. They were lucky enough to be joined by November Founder, Australian, Justin Coghlan along with Front Row team captain Sean Fitzpatrick who exchanged some fairly heavy words ahead of that evenings Rugby World Cup Final.

Portland Barber Matt was able to showcase the Portland Shave Soap and its excellent lather as he undertook a bit of a marathon shave session.

Portland are now doing a concession in Top Shop Oxford Street. It is located on the 1st Floor with other premium brands such as RayBan, Calvin Klein and Timex etc.

The Front Row Movember team have currently reached £6000 and are on track to crack the incredible target of £10,000.

Front Row Hospitality

To view Sean Fitzpatrick Movember Shave-down, click here

Rugby World Cup - back2back - Sean Fitzpatrick

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

The greatest New Zealand team ever? Quite possibly. For the moment, let’s just all agree that this is the best team in World Cup history.

This is the most meticulous, best prepared team in world rugby. This is not just about skills and fitness, but about game management. The skills were apparent in the first two tries. The fitness and the game management told in the final 15 minutes when New Zealand snuffed out any chances of what would have been a remarkable Aussie fightback.


That quite a few of the team had played in the 2011 final really helped. They were straight out of the blocks, whereas they had been watchful, almost nervous in Auckland four years ago. Ma’a Nonu was the most potent threat as I suspected he would be. The way he has developed his  game, the willpower at the age of 33 to make sure he was in a World Cup-winning team typifies what I mean about this group of All Blacks constantly working to improve.

Everyone will talk about the pass out of the top of the tackle that set Ma’a Nonu on his way for the second try. Look at the built-up to that try again and you will see another great offload from Sonny Bill a few moments earlier. It was a deft pass out of the back of his hand as he was brought down. So what? That’s what we have come to expect from him. What stood out though was that he was in midfield, on the halfway line, and the second half was only a minute old. Plenty of other centres would have played safe, gone to ground and waited for the ball to be recycled.

The world, particularly those residing in the northern hemisphere, will now be wondering how they can close the gap. I wouldn’t be getting your hopes up. There are plenty among this squad who will be around in four years’ time.

Steve Hansen’s lieutenants are already being talked about as possible targets for the European nations. Well, they seem like a pretty tight-knit group so I wouldn’t expect them to walk away easily. Hansen himself is contracted until 2017. That includes the next Lions tour. Good luck with that one.


Chainy grows the creative community

Front Row Hospitality

Chainy co- founder Philip Esad Sheikh has just launched a global community called Creatives of the World on Facebook and Instagram. It is a growing community which brings together talented creative people to share their unique stories with the world.

“The goals were to present them as an individual, and to reflect an interesting element about their talent with the viewers”

The next steps for the project will be to keep growing the community globally across the extremes of creativity, in addition to meeting significant figures in industry to collect and present valuable information to all creatives from their fields.

Front Row Hospitality

The Haka highlights successful Laureus Swiss Charity Night

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

Front Row Leadership and guests from the world of sport and entertainment gathered in Zurich for the annual Laureus Swiss Charity Night and raised a record 1.1 million CHF for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

The ninth edition of the popular evening saw prominent guests getting up on stage to dance, and even to perform the famous Haka with Laureus Academy Member Sean Fitzpatrick. They felt particularly generous, as a record amount was raised to help disadvantaged kids in Switzerland through sport.

The evening featured an exciting auction which had prizes such as a special timepiece from IWC Schaffhausen, a Portuguese Tourbillon Mystere Retrograde Laureus Sport for Good Charity Night Edition, and a 1960 Mercedes-Benz 190 SL W21. There were many great moments throughout the evening, but the best was perhaps when Sean Fitzpatrick fired up the hall by teaching the Haka to the guests on stage. The night’s entertainment was provided by famous US soul artist Aloe Blacc and Laureus Ambassador and musician Baschi.

IWC Schaffhausen CEO Georges Kern even surprised the crowd by giving a drumming master-class to Aloe Blacc’s hit song “I a need a Dollar”. Blacc had nothing but praise for the impromptu drummer after the performance, saying that 'Georges Kern is, of course, always on time.

Front Row Hospitality

Front Row Education and the Ivy Leagues

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

Front Row Education are delighted to have formed a partnership with a top US university Admissions consultancy, enabling us to ensure we are well placed to assist our clients with this next stage of their children’s education as required. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss this. Jessica writes here to explain their services.

As you might remember from the process of selecting, applying to, and gaining admission to your elite high school, there is so much more that goes into the university preparation process than the application alone, which is why it is absolutely a dream come true to have the opportunity to begin working with families as early as their sons’ and daughters’ first or second years of high schools.


Working with families over a period of several years not only gives me the ability to make an impact on decisions such as what to do over summer breaks, which extra-curricular activities, sports, and volunteer opportunities to pursue, and whether to take the SAT or the ACT, which test date, and how many times to take each, but it also allows me to truly get to know a family so I can make even better recommendations when balancing out a finalized list of schools to which a student will apply.

Navigating the sea of more than 4500 universities in the US can be daunting, but I have personal relationships with nearly all of the top schools, and over the past decade have helped all of my students get accepted into one of their top 5 schools.

I became a certified college admissions consultant after graduating from Princeton University, and specialize in all aspects of the admissions counselling process for international families looking to send their children to US universities, and after getting a perfect SAT score, have customized curriculum for both the SAT and ACT to help my students achieve their goal scores. It is very exciting to partner with such a prestigious organization as Front Row Education, and I look forward to helping many of you get accepted to your dream schools in the’s never too early to get more information on the process.”


Lomu & McCaw: Two giants of sport we will long remember
by Sean Fitzpatrick

Front Row Hospitality
Front Row Hospitality

This has been an emotionally difficult time for supporters of rugby around the world, but particularly in New Zealand.

After the highs of the Rugby World Cup, the All Blacks have had to cope with the loss of two of the giants of the game within a couple of days, but for very different reasons.

Jonah Lomu died after a long fight against kidney disease. Richie McCaw, the most respected rugby captain in the world, announced his retirement after a record 148 Test match appearances. The end of an era, almost certainly.

Nothing in rugby compared with Jonah Lomu in 1995 and again in 1996 with New Zealand and the Auckland Blues. He redefined what could be done, physically, on a rugby field. He could outsprint the fastest on the outside and that made him just about impossible to tackle, because once an opponent is reduced to trying to tackle him with one trailing arm, all is lost.

Opponents could not stop him, but his life-threatening kidney disease did. Without that, I believe he could have become rugby’s greatest ever player.

He had a kidney transplant in 2004 and thanks to his personal courage and determination he returned to the top levels of the sport. So much so that he was nominated for the Laureus World Comeback of the Year Award in 2006.

I remember saying at the time, back in 2006: “Jonah completed the most extraordinary comeback I've ever witnessed in rugby. He shouldn't be here really, we could have lost him altogether. Without the good fortune of quickly getting an exact kidney match and the operation, it was looking extremely grim.' 

The transplant gave Jonah a few more years, but we lost him far too soon. I am sure that as Richie McCaw was announcing the end of his own remarkable career, he would have been thinking about Jonah.

While we mourn Jonah, we applaud the career of Richie McCaw. He will be hard to replace, as was Jonah. Two giants of the sport who will be long remembered.


Front Row Leadership support Wooden Spoon Annual Luncheon

Front Row Hospitality

This year’s Luncheon was attended by Front Row Leadership and 400 guests. Musical entertainment was provided by Elysium III, the comedian was Josh Daniels and, guest speaker was former All Black legend Sean Fitzpatrick. The guests were enthralled by Sean’s tales about what it means to be an All Black and he finished off with a rousing Haka joined by all 400 guests.

The event beat all previous records with over £25,000 being raised, all of which will be invested in local projects benefitting disadvantaged children and young people.

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